Saturday, February 25, 2006

London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone and The Jewish Insult

Mr. Ken Livingstone is sure an admired politician in London; if not by all, by me alone.

I love London, though only when I arrived here; but I have always been in love with anything Britain. In fact, I am still struggling to get used to the name ‘United Kingdom’. I prefer Britain and anything British makes me ticklish.

When last year, the mayor (of London) insulted a Jewish reporter, what astonished me was not his outburst but his obstinacy to apologize. It is appalling and heartrending.

London is made up of all people of this world. Thus the leader of the city is one elected by such representation and therefore translates that such will provide an impartial shed for that diverse residency. But the mayor has let us all down.

Today and now, it is a Jew, tomorrow it might be an Asian, and the next it can be a black and so the list goes. I am so much disappointed by the mayor’s arrogance which I think he is far too bigger to portray in a matter as sensitive as this.

In my own opinion, 4 weeks isn’t just enough to prune his wide spreading wings but more stringent punishment could have bring him to a good order.

So far, its not only his indecent outburst that we have just heard over the air but we also have been experiencing his uncontainable decision at escalating expenses for Londoners from congestion charge to council tax, etc. All of which he does without a hint of consideration. If he is in the place of the queen or prime minister, we would have been better off but worst on.

It is also pitiful that his deputy could think the way she does, defecting the truth for lies. I think she should know that it not matter of who removed Mr. Livingstone, but what removed him. She doesn’t expect Londoners to go to the polling station just because Ken Livingstone is being stubborn. If we do, he will be kicked out of office instead. The panel has done a good job and such should exist to keep a check on arrogant politicians such as Mr. Livingstone and she.

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