Tuesday, February 28, 2006

GayRomeo.com: free registeration, unlimited messaging

In the last few decades, the world has seen a new development in almost everything that has been kept to thrive. The leap from a mere world separated by great waters to a world existing on one virtual surface has been quite dramatic that it has left most people, especially we the adventurous ones giggling with laughter and happiness. What a nice time to be born?

Looking behind, one cannot but agree on how much impact the Internet has made to achieving the above scenario.

One of the group of humans that has benefited exceptionally well in this new lease of life is the gay community. While gay men (especially) and women suffered alienation and loneliness in their various community of birth, past generations of them must have wished they were never born. Today, it is different.

The internet through websites like GAYROMEO have been instrumental to reducing the sufferings that these sect went through, especially isolation. Though one may suffer rejection, but if he can find friends who are like him, who believe in what he believes, who are going through the same veil of misery as him, he or she will be strong to face his rejections. Thus when sites like GayRomeo came up, they insulated the gaps that existed.

GayRomeo is based in Germany and run by 7 great friends. It is a wonderful site that let gay men connect from across the world. Friends are made, meet-ups achieved, relationship established and even partnership entered. All due to connection via GayRomeo.

One nice thing about GayRomeo is that while most other gay platforms limited daily message sending, GayRomeo let its users, both paying and non paying, send as much messages as they can in a day. Most guys have seen this as very useful since interaction is the hip bone to establish and build a tangible communication.

So would you like to interact with people without prejudice, this is the platform for you. Get it going. It’s free registeration. Its unlimited messaging. It’s a great launch into the world; for friendships, meetings, understanding, and who knows, it can even be marriage… hehehe
Bravo to the guys at GayRomeo and well done all users of the site

Bravo to the guys at GayRomeo and well done all users of the site.


Anonymous said...


very cool blog!
i wish you all the best for the creative entries!

greetings jens

419 Scam Letters said...

I said don't do ONLINE business with Nigerians in Nigeria, in person its okay.

.raoul said...

gay as a sect!?! :0

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