Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Whale that came

Like a saint in hell
It appeared on the horizon
Moving without stopping
Seeking a worthy final place

On and on it swam
Thames burning out its strength
But to comfort it must go
And for such, there is not stopping

Move on oh saint
Seek out thy natural place
Though comfort, there is none
But your place you must find

London, my London
Great city with a mother’s bowel
Great and small alike you welcome
The good and bad, usual and unusual

London, a bag of mixture
Cosmopolitan in every aspect
Home to all, room for all
Even the extraordinary mammals you welcome

Where else could it have run to
What other city in the world would welcome it
Which other people could have shown concern
London, only Londoners

And so the saint knew
That in time of danger and weakness
Only the compassionate can notice
Only the great city will care

So it ran in. On it move
Till Big Ben was in sight
‘Cos there sits the law makers
The representatives of the great city

And sure, help came
Londoners came out in troupes
Emotional care they showed
Indifference they eschewed

Vigil they kept, prayers they made
With the weak saint they waited
In the cold, frost falling on them
But who else but Londoners can do that

So gratefulness the saint showed
Keeping calm when unusual hands touched it
Obeying every order
Transmitting the message

There it must not go back
In the great city, with wonderful people
That is its hope for a final journey
Dignity in dying it obtained

Sleep on dear great visitor
We wished you lived
We are happy we tried
But you knew its time


pictures were sourced from BBC websites. no part of this write-up can be used without owner's knowledge and consent

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Kennyman said...

This is a cool piece from Lord Godwyns himself. If you dont rest on your oars, you are definitly going to publish a bestseller someday. Keep it up!

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