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Friday, June 24, 2016

So Where Next For The UK?

So finally the UK voted to leave the European Union. Too bad. Regardless, we all - whether we voted to remain or leave - now have a duty to work even harder for the country we want.

Nonetheless, those who voted remain, would need to be civil and kind to support the majority who voted to leave on the basis that EU free movement will end, because it will not unless we will prefer to face a tedious trading deals and sky-high tariffs with our closest neighbours. Many leave voters' hearts would soon be broken by their darling deceivers on immigration, £100m weekly for the NHS and worse still, slow economy.

The only other way is for UK to become a tariff-free country so to attract trade but the consequence of that would be week Sterling that would make local manufacturing difficult thereby impacting on jobs, thus govt tax receipt, thus fewer money to fund services, thus slower economy.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Lesson From UK Local Elections For The Labour Party

The Lesson is this:
In Scotland, Ruth Davidson mimicked Corbyn; coming out clear, bold and specific with opposition to independence and challenging the establishment. Labour on other hand, was sitting on the fence, dithering and trying to compete with the SNP. Voters does not like imitators. It shows.
The so-called moderates in the national Labour party just want to dither, and not directly, boldly challenge the status quo. They refuse to join Corbyn in clearly, trully and wholeheartedly standing up against injustice, income inequality, homelessness and poverty. They prefer to compete with the Tories in privatising everything and using the bubble of the property markets as marker for economic growth.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Iain Duncan Smith Against Cuts To Disability? Absolute Gimmick!

Iain Duncan-Smith
Drama can never get more dramatic itself. In fact, tricks too had never been so tricky in themselves. These are the only possible lens through which to look at this new development in the Conservatives Cabinet.
A govt that has made it its mission to punish the most vulnerable while at the same time enriching the wealthiest through tax cuts, ignored tax collection, sale-off of State assets, privatisation of every and any remaning public service and worse