Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Could The Shared Conversations Reveal The Extent Of The Sexuality Cancer In The Church [Of England]?

 “The subject of sexuality, with its history of deeply entrenched views, would be best addressed by facilitated conversations or a similar process to which the Church of England needs to commit itself at national and diocesan level.”

The Shared Conversations in the Church of England was set up in 2014 for a different approach in dealing with the disagreement in the Church over same-sex relationships and by extension, the place of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans (LGBT) people in the life of the Church. Although it is important to make it clear that the focus has been mainly on Lesbians and Gay while the B and T have largely been avoided. Nonetheless, the process is a refreshing process from what I have heard of past attempts at solving the same issue.

I have had the privillege to take part in this process, although with no experiences of past processes I am perhaps on a different tangem from the many experienced people who has the history of these attempts.

Today, I have just completed my second of that process at the Diocesan (Southwark Diocese) level having taken part in the regional process too. And bringing it 'home' to the Diocese and having more of a focused and relational consideration for the issues, I left the meeting in abject despair with what I heard.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Leader's Speech: Jeremy Corbyn Addresses Labour Conference 2016

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party in UK
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has set out his plans for the party to the Labour conference in Liverpool in a speech seen to be more powerful than his first last year

The speech in full:
Thank you for that introduction. And how brilliant it is to see the hall here in Liverpool, absolutely packed for the Labour conference, well I say it's packed but Virgin Trains assure me there are 800 empty seats.

Either way Conference, it's a huge pleasure to be holding our party's annual gathering here in this fantastic city that has shaped our country, our economy, our culture and our music.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gay people are not destroying the Church!

This is an article I have written for my church newsletter coming out this week (yes, I go to church although I dont classify myself as a christian). The editor called me to ask if I really want to publish this because it feels like a 'coming out' to her... lol! Some members already know my sexuality, knows my partner who also comes along together with me and acknwoledge us by giving us christmas cards together or inviting us to lunch; but a good number prefer not to know and would not acknowledge us. Not bothered. A few others asked after my first article on the Shared Conversations last year. So now there is no hiding place for those who'd prefer otherwise and I am ready for whatever follows.
Update: Apparently, the Parish Church Council (PCC) refused to let this article be published because some among them are not comfortable with it. I struggle to find where the threat is.
I was a trustee of Changing Attitude until June this year
Recently, I wrote a piece in this magazine about the Shared Conversations (SC), the most recent process by the Church of England to find concordance on the issue of sexuality. As I stated in that article, I had the chance to take part in the conversation, and saw the power of direct personal experience for some who arrived opposing homosexuality, and left either accepting that it is a reality or half sure as to whether they are right or wrong. Not a bad outcome if you ask me.

Yet, all is not well and smooth. Far from it!

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