Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Looks Like There Is War In Tories' Inner Circle!

Theresa May has just taken the political landscape by suprise with the announcement of intention to call a general election in the middle of the current parliament. The irony though is that since taking over as Prime Minister in July last year, Mrs May has strongly maintained that she will see this parliament through as the Prime Minister.

So what has changed? Why did the chicken suddenly crossed the road? Why did Mrs May-the-serious-calculator accept in her speech that she has called a general election "reluctantly"?

Well, politics is like a drama; the audience sees all the expertise, camaraderie and seamless acting without seeing the fight, contest and arguments that goes on behind the scenes. Mrs May who has defended Brexit zealously since her sudden conversion might have been pushed to surrender by the many true pro-Brexiters within the Tory party who thinks she is a stop gap.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Could There Other Reasons That Lead To Terrorism?

The attack on Wednesday 22nd March in Westminster London, killed and injured many people and continue to impact others' lives in a way they may never comprehend. It is a shameful and devilish act that everyone must condone. And do so unequivocally.

However, the road we all seems to travel sheepishly these days is to scream 'Islamic terrorism' and thus ignorantly big-up the thwarted religionists who claim to be fighting in the name of [their] God. In doing so, our society - or at least those who lead it - subtly ramp up Islamophobia while claiming how victorious we have been as a society.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Article 50: UK Activates Process To Leave The EU

At last, it's happened. Against all hopes and wishes and assumption, just this moment, British diplomats in Brussels led by Sir Tim Barrow, the EU chief diplomat delivered a letter to the Europan Union President, Donald Tusk, formerly informing the EU that UK wishes to leave the Union. This is history as UK becomes the first full member-state of the EU to trigger the never-used before Article 50. The fun and shock cannot be estimated yet.

In the House of Commons however, the Prime Minister, on whose behalf the letter is delivered, was sweatingly fending off questions from MPs most of whom are in the parties opposite.

Until this moment, many of us have thought that this moment will never come. The 9 months diddle and tattle since the referendum made it even more suspicious that the government was not sure and is not wanting to do this. But finally, it came. And for a long time to come, whether the process is seen through or not, whether it is seen through successfully or wastefully, whether UK leaves the EU or not, 29th March 2017 will be a day to remember. One way or other, it could even become a public holiday.

Why Comic Relief's Red Nose Day Shames Me

Good job, Comic Relief. But it shames me.

It shames me because as it broadcasts, Africa and it's poverty feature heavily. Africa. That continent blessed with so much natural resources you couldn't make it up; underground, underwater, on-land, human, etc. You just name it and the chances are that it is there. So why the poverty?

Monday, March 13, 2017

SNP In Scotland Plays a Big Gamble With Independence

Just two and a half years ago, the Scottish National Party (SNP) got their way and a Referendum for Scotland's independence from the UK was held. Today, due the the tension of Brexit, Scottish First Minister has proposed yet another Referendum. But you can argue that, in two and half years a lot has happened, and the SNP is in a strong position to ask for another Referendum.

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