Friday, November 18, 2016

Shocking! GAFCON UK Thinks The Church Should Not Be Welcoming.

"Two trashed reputations, one love contract, zero regrets." - Jenn P Nguyen

So a few days ago, GAFCON published a document called: 'The Church of England and Lambeth 1.10'; you can read it here. This document detailed a list of ordained/licensed LGBT individuals or couples in the Church of England, who has 'violated' Lambeth 1.10. In a nutshell, GAFCON accuses these individuals and their parishes, as well as the CofE of transgression, simply by being open and welcoming to LGBT people including offering blessings for same-sex couples or even registering church halls for Civil Partnership, etc. You have to read the GAFCON document to see the extent of the trite. I mean, who blames a church for being welcoming and creating a safe space for people?

But reading the document, I couldn’t but feel more proud and empowered. In fact, the document, although meant for ‘naming’ and 'shaming', was quite good – bar the plentiful mistakes of all manners – in helping us document the brevity, sincerity, honesty, true Christ-likeness and above all, the sacrifice that many of the named individuals and couples have made to make Church look less weird.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Is The Elites' Hypnotizing Tool Losing Its Potency?

So once again, the Polls, that almighty, divine and omni-present tool used to 'accurately' predict elections' results has failed. At least, in many internationally popular elections that is.

It has been coming for long, but we all chose to ignore it. As the polls got 'sophisticated' which in essence means, as it gots more robotic and turned all voters into pure statistics, so did its usefulness. Getting sophisticated also meant that the Polls became a great tool in the hand of those who can; with all the connections and controls, all the strings to pull and all what-not; the Polls became a way to hypnotize voters everywhere. It worked.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The American Presidential Elections - First Mad President or First Woman President

To begin with, presidential elections in the USA is one of the reasons I am quite glad I dont live there let alone to be from that country; no, thanks. And oh! Dont worry, that's just an imagination.

This election and the style it is built on is pure set-up; all other parties are side-tracked, denied platforms and completely suppressed by a system built for the elites which includes the Clintons and the Trumps any way. The same sect that has ran the same system that completely ignores the plights of the poorest and vulnerable for the benefits of their gangs and friends; their donors, lobbyists, connections, etc. These people has consistently ran a system that care less if a poor person can afford healthcare or not, if ordinary people has jobs or not, if ordinary people has homes or not. They dont give a shit.

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