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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Terrorism And Radicalisation: The Other Neglected Reasons (2)

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This post is a sequel to the post here

Radicalisation doesnt spring out from the blues. It doesn't just happen. It is a step by step progession of the stress and frustration people can reach in their anger against a system that alleniates them. In fact, it is unfortunately, unjustifiably-justifiable. Radicalisation is an end-product of the hateful, disregarding, segregated, racist, discriminatory society we are continuously encouraging. There is a validity to it. After all, we all have the right to be angry. Who is to measure or prescribe how much angry each [of us] is allowed? Politicians, perhaps.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Three Reasons Jeremy Corbyn Is Winning...

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The reasons Jeremy Corbyn is appealing to Labour Party members  are;

1. He proposes a party with principle, identity and direction; regardless what detractors may suggest that direction to be. Labour as it stands has no identity and no one in the country is sure what Labour stands for. And whatever anyone can claim it stands for, it surely is not for social justice. Those days are gone.

2. Jeremy Corbyn sets out a Labour party that is not the other side of the Tory-coin. The reason Labour lost the election is that it wasnt quite Labour; it wanted to be Conservatives

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

184 Labour MPs Sells Out On Social Justice!

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Last night, as the UK faced one of the most defining factor in how much social justice is necessary for a civilised society, the country watched shocked as, Labour MPs - 184 of them - 79% of the entire Parliamentary Labour Party, sold out.

With Harriet Herman, the acting Leader of the Labour Party urging her MPs to join the government to bring in a punitive law that will not only punish and demonise those who need our society's help, but will also severely attack the most vulnerable of this society. Ms Herman, a woman of immense respect who had until last Sunday fought for real equality, finally caved in and - would it be her real colours - joined the dark side.