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Friday, June 26, 2015


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My input into the current debacle of Pride in London banning LGBT-UKIP from taking part in London Pride.

I am writing you in a personal capacity to voice my disappointment that Pride in London have persisted against all appeals, to maintain the ban on LGBT UKIP from marching officially in this year’s London Pride event.

Although Pride in London insists that the decision was “not made on a political basis”, there is no removing from that fact that the safety issue raised is directly because of UKIP’s political stance. Nevertheless, in this day and age, it is against all conviction to think that the Met Police who has safeguarded many larger events would not be up to the task to do same for 100 or so UKIP members.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Is This Why Most Small Businesses In UK Prefer Immigrant Workers?

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"Can I buy a slice of quiche for take-away?" I asked
"No. I'm sorry, it's only for eat-in. We dont sell it for take-away." she replied
"Why is that?"
"We dont have take-away packages for it." 
"What if I buy a muffin, how'd you package it for take-away?" I enquired
"Oh! In a paper-bag." She seemed confused; probably asking what muffin has to do with quiche... or thought I have changed my mind.
"So why not use the same paper-bag for the quiche then. I assume it'd work." I concluded.

The above was a conversation between me and a young lady in a cafe in Salisbury, Wiltshire, during the weekend. She is about 19 - 21 years old, very cheerful in a sheepish way and visibly lacking the so-called common sense. After I had convinced her to package the quiche in a paper-bag - made for muffins as she assumed - we ended up

Sunday, May 17, 2015

UK Labour Party Still Confused With Itself

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The problem with the Labour party is that is has no coherent message or voice on responding to the accusation laid against it in the past 7 years. Blame the Tories as you wish, yet if you're accused o alledged to have done something, it is left for you to clear your reputaion. Labour has failed in this singular hurdle and continue to fail (see this predictions in links below). It may take a generation for her and this new crop of its Leadership contenders are not going to change that. If anything, these lot would drag-on the taint until a new radical actual and real change. The electorates are not foolish.

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