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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Potential Secrets Behind David Cameron's Presumption

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According to Michael Fallon, David Cameron has been straight-forward and honest with British people when he said he would not serve a third term. Well, that's Mr Fallon's party-whip view, the voters, may think absolutely different.

What is bizarre with Mr Cameron's sputter is that he arrogantly made it like a corrupt third-world country leader who orchestrates elections to remain in power perpetually. In fact, it was a shame for a British Prime Minister make such a statement, akin to what you would expect of Robert Mugabe or Saddam Hussein to say. It is utterly undemocratic for him to predict two elections before they even happen.

Come the 7th of May 2015, British voters would go to the polls; but as it now stands, we may as well not. Because Cameron has declared that he will win; probably no matter how we vote. And he would do the same in 2020 at which time he will snub our vote and move on to, perhaps, who knows what.

However, for realities' sake, any of the following may have been behind this juvenile rhetoric.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yellow Box; A First In UK's Politics

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On Wednesday 19th March, the UK Coalition govt presented the year Budget in the House of Commons. Traditionally, that Budget is an agreed action plan of the incumbent govt; meaning that all Ministers, from the Prime Minister to the least minister - whoever that is; bet its the LibDems - agreed to that Budget. Its a unanimous voice and plan of govt.

However, while we all believe the above to be the case, the Liberal Democrats, who are Coalition partners with the Conservatives for close up to 5 years now, sunddenly woke up on Thursday and foisted a new one us: they have an alternative Budget!

Sugar! This is never heard of. In fact, it sounds like politics in Narnia Land. And it is. But no shocks, only the LibDems are capable of such deceit and arrant mischeive, it takes little to comprehend their folly.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

BBC Colludes In A Lie With WorldRemit!!!

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On the 1st December 2014, a BBC article written by Will Smale, a Business Reporter for BBC, lauded one of the greedy sharks of remittance as an angel saving the world. The article, which did not hide its tentacles of favouritism and full of PR for WorldRemit eulogize the business as charging "fees that are less than half those of the big players, a statement which is confirmed when you check its prices against those of the likes of Western Union.", but this statement is sheer lies! In fact, the statement clearly indicates how very little Ms Smale researched his article, let alone confirming what he was told [to say].

But don't be surprised, Will Smale through that article came across as the new breed of