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Monday, August 24, 2015

Virgin Atlantic Rips Vulnerable Passengers Off!

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When you open Virgin Atlantic annual report 2014, the first page that actually expresses the company mission bears the following inscriptions:

Our purpose
To embrace
the human spirit
and let it fly

Our ambition
To be the airline
most loved by
our customers
We will achieve this
by being uniquely
Virgin Atlantic

However, in actual reality, the above seems to be pure lies. I will explain.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Asylum [In The UK]; What Exactly Are The Truths (2)

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First, it is wrong to assume that someone fleeing to a place of safety must stay at their first port of arrival. Although that's what the 1951 UN Refugee Convention proposes - you can agree [with me that] 1950s is a long way back - it in no way works in today's world. And when looked at critically and from the many better an more researched understanding of human rights today - indivisible, insoluble - that suggestion isnt practical. Moreover, a lot of better definition and advanced solution has been established since this convention through various policies and case laws.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

If Prostitution Is Wrong Because Of Pimps, Is Democracy Wrong Because Of Corruption?

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Every time the issue of decriminalising prostitution is raised, opponents argue that such move would only empower criminals who traffick and pimp prostitutes. Secondly, they also argue that prostitution degrades of women. Both are partially lies. Legalising prostitution cannot lead or stop either misfortunes from happening.

Moreover, arguing that prostitution degrades women takes away the fact that many - and I mean MANY - men engage in prostitution too. In fact, there may be more men in