Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Does UK Govt Bully The House of Lords?

As the House of Lords take to scrutinizing the Brexit-related Article 50 Bill earlier this week, government bullying machine and tactics swung into action trying to undo the upper house. This desparate attempt to scupper the Upper Chamber saw Prime Minister, Theresa May decide to sit in and watch its debate of the Bill in what appears to be a real-time coarsion to get what she and her govt wants: as if to say, "do it or else..." What exactly did the Prime Minister want to achieve by such imposing behaviour?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

UK Govt Strips Off Yet Another Asset - The Green Investment Bank

The Green Investment Bank Plc is the first bank of its type in the world created by the UK Government in 2012 and solely capitalised with taxpayers money. The Bank backs green projects on commercial terms and mobilise other private sector capital into supporting such projects.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New President For The Gambia - What Next?

Indeed, the majority of us rejoices when a dictator finally leaves office. For The Gambia, the ousting of Jammeh could not be more celebrated and potentially arouse a new hope and optimism that knows no bound. Gladly too, this was achieved through a democratic process. And ultimately, as he refused to leave, was eventually removed without any debilitating consequences for the country.

The next phase of this new found hope and optimism is going to be more important and possibly, challenging for the tiny country. But regreteably, no one at the moment can say what tomorrow brings for The Gambia under its new leadership. The only joy at the moment is the ousting of Jammeh. But will the new leadership live up to expectation, or even bring the change expected; any change at all. Or would it wallow in the classic blame-game that other leaders in the position has always played and get nothing done?

Power change-over in some African States are always not easy. But when in rare occasions, they occur, and without violence, our joys usually know no bounds. And as such, the euphoria that the change-over brings is quickly snuffed out and we are back in disappointment that existed. While this may sound pessimistic, it is essential that these questions are asked now: Will the new government bring the much expected change?

Saturday, January 21, 2017

ECOWAS Proves That Peace Without War Is Possible.

Yahya Jammeh - former president of The Gambia
The ECOWAS has not just scored when it comes to finding a peaceful solution to a very difficult political problem, it has also showed to the West, especially UK and the USA, that peace can be reached without war. In succeeding to peacefully get for mer president Yahya Jammeh out of the The Gambian Presidency, the ECOWAS for the first time, shows what it can achieve in a stroke of ingenuity.

In the recent past, in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Ivory Coast, the West had intervened and claimed to solve the problem only to make it worse. Not only because they dont understand the local and cultural context but because in their know-it-all approach, they ignore and refuse to work with those at the centre of the issues. This has always led to worse outcomes for the concerned impasse.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Shocking! GAFCON UK Thinks The Church Should Not Be Welcoming.

"Two trashed reputations, one love contract, zero regrets." - Jenn P Nguyen

So a few days ago, GAFCON published a document called: 'The Church of England and Lambeth 1.10'; you can read it here. This document detailed a list of ordained/licensed LGBT individuals or couples in the Church of England, who has 'violated' Lambeth 1.10. In a nutshell, GAFCON accuses these individuals and their parishes, as well as the CofE of transgression, simply by being open and welcoming to LGBT people including offering blessings for same-sex couples or even registering church halls for Civil Partnership, etc. You have to read the GAFCON document to see the extent of the trite. I mean, who blames a church for being welcoming and creating a safe space for people?

But reading the document, I couldn’t but feel more proud and empowered. In fact, the document, although meant for ‘naming’ and 'shaming', was quite good – bar the plentiful mistakes of all manners – in helping us document the brevity, sincerity, honesty, true Christ-likeness and above all, the sacrifice that many of the named individuals and couples have made to make Church look less weird.

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