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Monday, July 18, 2016

Will Brexit Really Happen?

On the morning that Andrea Leadsom (the other contestant in the Conservatives Party leadership contest) pulled out, the Prime Minister, then Home Secretary, was in Birmingham and launched her campaign to becoming the leader of the party and hence, Prime Minister. In the launching statement, she argued that "Brexit means Brexit". Quite. But the problem is, in no part of that speech did she describe, define or explain what 'Brexit' stands for.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Would You Remember About David Cameron

Today, David Cameron will end his term as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in what has been a dramatic if not the most eclectic Premiership of modern times. From his time winning the Conservatives Party leadership to his eventual crowning as Prime Minister, Mr Cameron has really not been that politician whom you could associate with a set of belief or focus; instead, as the PR man he was, he has guaged the wind at every turn in relation to his career. It is no surprise that it was one of those gamble that ended up costing him his job, so abruptly.

David Cameron is surely not a man of convinction of any type thus most if not all his decisions were shorterm thereby slowly eroded the country while dwelling on endless platitudes including the following;

Monday, July 11, 2016

UK's Second Woman Prime Minister - Could She Be Worse Than The First.

Theresa May, 2nd female Prime Minister
Just out of the blues, UK is now set to have a second woman in the office of the Prime Minister. For a country associated with equality, liberty and social progress, who would have thought that women getting to the second-highest (the highest is already held by a woman) but most prominent public office in the land would be a tug of war. 

It was 37 years ago that the country elected a party with a woman leader. That woman, Margaret Thatcher went on to become the most controversial, reviled yet admired Prime Minister of modern day. For some, she represented brevity, daring the status quo where many others (women and other minorities) feared to. Yet at the same time, she decimated communities through so many horrifying policies and left a mixed legacy in the mind of those who experienced her time as Prime Minister. But all that is history now.