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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Changes For Consumers In England

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So October arrived with a flurry - well if you consider two to be a flurry that is - of new laws for consumers in England; one giving them rights and the other directing and benefiting on the rights of nature. But both brings with them benefits for the society at large and thats is what fairness is, at least.

1.   Consumer Rights Act 2015
Came into force on 1st October. In summary, it simply now puts a 30-day time-frame in which customers has from the day of purchase/delivery to when then can claim full refund. This is good because until now, different retailers has different number of days or weeks in which they can refund you. But even worse, some has terribly confusing policies that they can only refund with their own vouchers, which essentially forces you to buy from them. It was always a nightmare.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of Opposition Conference Speech

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A bit rough with mistakes from me still... 

Friends, thank you so much for that incredible welcome and Rohit, thank you so much for that incredible welcome. Rohit, thank you so much for the way you introduced me and the way our family and you have contributed so much to our community. That was absolutely brilliant. Thank you very much.

I am truly delighted to be invited to make this speech today, because for the past two weeks, as you’ve probably known I’ve had a very easy, relaxing time. Hardly anything of any importance at all has happened to me.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Labour's International Development Bid From Opposition

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(Bold and Italics emphasis mine)
Labour conference: Speech by Diane Abbott (pictured) (28 September 2015)


Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow International Development Secretary, in a speech to Labour Party Annual Conference, said:

Conference I am proud to stand before you as Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for International Development.

Because there is no issue that better illustrates the internationalism that is at the core of progressive politics than our commitment to international development. And in an era that has seen the rise of toxic xenophobic politics across Europe it is worth reminding ourselves that an outward looking internationalism is not an “add on” to our Socialism, it should be at the heart of our Socialism.